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How To Do a Great Conference Panel: First, Get Great Panelists
Come See Mostly Legal Marketing at Internet Summit

When TechMedia asked me to fill a slot at next month's Internet Summit, I jumped, but with some hesitation. I had no idea what kind of topic I would want to cover, but I already knew who I wanted up there with me.

For those unaware, Internet Summit is about tech, startups, and digital, but it's mostly about marketing. I'm a huge tech, startup, and digital guy, but I'm not the most proficient marketer, at least in the formal sense. I can market things, and I can sell things, and I'm pretty good at it. I sold a company last year, so there's that. But I'll admit I'd have a tough time telling you which KPIs are going to help you growth hack AdWords to funnelize your eyeballs.

I happen to know three people who are crushing digital marketing in completely unique ways, and those three people also happened to be people I would feel really comfortable being on a panel with and not having it turn into a quagmire or nap time. They don't belong to marketing associations, they're not certified in anything that I'm aware of, and one of them refuses to sport a serious haircut.

But they've all done it, they know how it's done, and they're not afraid to tell you their secrets.

I'd go to that, whether it was in digital marketing or competitive eating.

Anyway, they are:

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Video: Pitching Automated Insights to Job Seekers
Steal This Strategy: Potential Employees Are a Huge Asset

Last week, I was one of six reps from companies across the Triangle to participate in Chris Heivly's seventh version of Tech Jobs Under the Big Top. I've been to each Big Top (always as a job provider), and I love the reverse job fair format -- where the companies pay to be there and pitch to the job seekers as to why they should come work for us.

To my surprise, Laura Baverman, with whom I've been working closely as I've transferred the reins of ExitEvent over to American Underground, sent a cameraman to shoot each of the pitches. He then edited them down to 30 seconds or so of sound bite each.

I'm really glad he chose the sound bites he chose from me. It's basically the beginning and the end of my four-minute pitch, and it's the most important part. It's the part where I speak directly to the job seekers and let them know how much we want to meet them, get to know them, hire them, and make Automated Insights their most favorite job ever.

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This Awesome Article About The September ExitEvent Startup Social
Ann Johnston Nailed It, So Did Aaron Houghton
Published at Blog

In September, ExitEvent made a return appearance to the home of serial entrepreneur Aaron Houghton and his amazing wife Sarah. 200 entrepreneurs and investors showed up, from vets like Aaron (former cofounder of iCOntact who sold to Vocus for $169 million) to new entrepreneurs just starting out. Ann's article captures perfectly the vibe of ExitEvent, and the reason why I started it, and Aaron's quote "It's an event without an ego," certainly made me proud.

read the rest at: http://wraltechwire.com/home-sweet-ceo-home-startup-social-draws-200-to-exec-s-private-turf-/12894099/

ExitEvent Goes to Charlotte and Gets Some Press
WRAL Tech Wire Covers the First Ever Charlotte Startup Social

After months of planning and rescheduling, I finally got my act together and brought ExitEvent to the good people of Charlotte, NC. They returned the favor in kind by being some of the nicest and most helpful entrepreneurs I've come across in all my years of doing this thing.

I slapped the Social onto the tail end of Southeast Venture Conference, which was three blocks away at the Ritz Carlton in downtown Charlotte. The last reception there ended at 4:45, and by 5:00 p.m., a half-hour early, there were people hanging out in Packard Place (thanks Adam Hill!), waiting for us to turn on the music and open the growlers (thanks Jim Van Fleet!).

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ExitEvent Gets Awesome Write-Up in WRAL TechWire
When Someone Gets It, You Know You're Doing It Right

On February 18th, I hosted the second ExitEvent Social at HUB Raleigh and the 15th overall. The overall was again beyond my expectations, even though there were less people this time (100+ compared to the 200+ for the first Raleigh Social, but hey, that was the FIRST Raleigh Social).

Anyway, Ann Johnston, a founder at Chapel Hill startup Local Ventures and somewhat of a freelancer -- she wrote about a number of events for entrepreneurs for the N&O back in November -- drove all the way from Chapel Hill through rush hour traffic to get to the Social. Not only that, she wrote this amazing review that was picked up by WRAL Tech Wire.

My point is, when someone third-party gets it like this, you know you're on the right track, especially when that third party happens to be your target, so to speak, a working founder of a startup, the kind I'm directly trying to reach out to.

Here's Ann's article: Entrepreneurs helping each other: True value of networking

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ExitEvent Gets a Mention as a Top Startup Resource
Raleigh's News & Observer Shows Love
Published at News & Observer

I pride running ExitEvent under the radar, in terms of refusing to define it strictly as a news site, networking event, or support organization. If anything, it's a network, and I'm trying to position it as a backbone of a series of startup hubs, eventually nationwide.

But it's nice when ExitEvent gets mentioned, especially during a week when all eyes are on the Triangle area what with our Startup Social last night, Startup Summit today and tomorrow, and Internet Summit mid-week.

It's also nice that we got listed as a top startup resource in the same breath as the Council for Entrepreneurial Development (CED), a 25+ year old non-profit dedicated to helping startups and small businesses, Triangle Startup Factory, an accelerator who can provide up to $200K in funding, Bull City Forward, another popular non-profit that promotes social entrepreneurship, and even the local metro Chambers of Commerce.

• ExitEvent: ExitEvent is organized by Joe Procopio, entrepreneur, engineer and writer (follow @jproco). This monthly event brings 200-plus veteran and aspiring entrepreneurs together in Durham and Raleigh.

read the rest at: http://www.newsobserver.com/2012/11/05/2463624/how-to-take-advantage-of-the-triangles.html

A Little Press Love for the September ExitEvent Startup Social at HUBRaleigh

The legend of the ExitEvent Startup Social is growing and people continue to take notice. Who knew putting 200 entrepreneurs in the same room with free craft brew would generate so much attention? Today, six days after our first ever visit to Raleigh, the fallout was documented by WRAL Tech Wire:

The next wave also hit Raleigh on the 18th when the ExitEvent came to the Capital City.

Launched by serial entrepreneur and entrepreneur-focused blogger Joe Procopio, the ExitEvent hosted its first event outside Durham and picked the HUB as its venue.

While WRAL Tech Wire and a few other firms have played host to socials and meetups in the past, these haven't taken root in Raleigh like they have in the Bull City. So Procopio (who also is an executive at Durham-based Automated Insights) and the HUB saw an opening.

The result: Some 200 people turned out - with a lot of people showing up from outside the Triangle.

The rest of it is here: WRAL Tech Wire

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ExitEvent Launches Startup Content

So this has been coming for a while, but finally all fell into place this week when I redesigned ExitEvent using HTML5 and CSS3. I merged much of the code from Intrepid Media and this site you're reading now, and started doing 15-minute stream-of-consciousness dumps into the content engine.

The results were pretty cool.

2500+ people visited ExitEvent to read the new content. For those not familiar, ExitEvent started as a party, an entrepreneur-only social that was meant to bring together some of the local startup crowd. We planned to have 15 at our first monthly event last June and got 50.

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Nearly 200 at the April ExitEvent Startup Social
That and the Great Name Tag Debate

jproco: That. Was. Ridiculous. Nearly 200 at @ExitEvent tonight. Killed 2 kegs in 1:15. Thanks to all who showed.

So Erik from Mystery Brewing called me at 5:30 Monday night and told he he was running right up to the ExitEvent start time of 6:00 and would I go get some ice.

Yeah sure. On it.

TriangleSF: Both Chris & Dave went to @exitevent & raving about it this morning! Lots of great conversation, beer & #entrepreneurs!

So as it is I didn't even get to the venue until 5:55. No worries, considering the Social takes about five minutes of setup on my part. Once all the invites are out, my job is to provide the non-beer, the music, and whatever crazy idea I cook up to distract the entrepreneurs, like a ping-pong tournament, in my stated goal of bringing productivity in the RTP to a screeching halt for 3 hours.

I took about six or seven minutes to carry in Diet Cokes and regular Pepsis (which were on sale, the budget for your average ExitEvent Social is right around $0), and when I looked up, there were entrepreneurs everywhere.

At 6:05.

So I did a count. There were 51.

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ExitEvent: Just Getting STARTed
Entrepreneurs, Investors, Support Orgs, Service Providers - We've Got Something For Everyone Now

Monday night, I had the honor to pour beer and socialize with a mix of over 100 RTP area entrepreneurs at the eighth ExitEvent Startup Social. In just under three hours, I made sure I introduced myself to everyone in the room (which is easy to do from behind the taps), and witnessed everyone having a great -- no, phenomenal time, thanks mostly to Mystery Brewing, who provides the excellent craft brew, and Neu Concepts, who lends us their incredible space.

I've been at this for just over ten months, a little under a year. And in that time I've watched the network grow to almost 400 members, over 250 of which are entrepreneurs from over 150 startups.

But It's Not Just the Numbers.

We had folks from startup vets @Adzerk, @Appia, @ArgyleSocial, @DigitalSmiths, @iContact, @KeonaHealth, @Shoeboxed, @Zift and of course @Statsheet (to name a few), mixing it up with newly minted @ArchiveSocial, @PengoLoans, and @Motaavi_News (to name even fewer).

Also mingling were support organizations Triangle Startup Factory, Joystick Labs, Groundwork Labs, Triangle Entrepreneurship Week, and CED (Triangle Startup Weekend has attended before but could not make it Monday).

And for the first time, investors were socializing from Southern Capitol Ventures, Triangle Angel Partners, and IMAF-RTP (IDEA Fund Partners has also attended before, and also couldn't make it Monday).

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