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Saturday Morning Quarterback: The Summer of Do It Yourself

Here's a helpful little program I created for my kids to enforce self-reliance and self-confidence. Not long after, I realized I should probably follow the program myself, and it has helped me as much or more than it helped them. (5.19.18 )

Can Anyone Learn To Be an Entrepreneur?

I firmly believe that almost anyone can learn to be an entrepreneur, but I'm also convinced that you can't learn to be an entrepreneur in a classroom. (5.15.18 )

You're not here to finish 2nd

Your game will improve dramatically the moment you decide you need to win. I know this sounds like random, useless success-speak, but there's a truth here that too many people figure out too late. (5.12.18 )

Startup is for everyone, so why doesn't everyone try it?

I've always preached that anyone can and should do startup at some point in their career. A conversation with a complete stranger totally changed my mind about why most people don't jump into entrepreneurship. (5.8.18 )

How Entrepreneurs Make Great Decisions (and how they live with colossally bad ones)

One of the most difficult skills for an entrepreneur to master is solid decision making. But decision making is the Executive part of Chief Executive Officer, and you've got to have it. (5.2.18 )


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Who am I? Who the eff are you?

I believe in entrepreneurism. I'm at Spiffy. I built and sold Automated Insights, ExitEvent, Intrepid Media, and a few more. If you're curious, it's all in my LinkedIn.
I made a bunch of videos in a series called Teaching Startup, where I and a few other entrepreneuers discuss the cross-section of startup, sports, parenting, and pop-culture.
I'm the frontman for American Titans, a loud, tight, intelligent, three-piece rock band. This is real. We play shows and record songs and generally try to keep the dream alive.
I've written for Hackernoon, Chicago Tribune, Smug, O'Reilly, GamaSutra, and other pubs. I've spoken at SXSW a few times, also NABShow, Columbia University, the United Nations, and other places and events.